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Dr. Marc Braman practices lifestyle medicine based, comprehensive care at Northwest Lifestyle Medicine in Salem, Oregon. He is a licensed medical doctor with an extensive background in healthcare. Dr. Braman completed an Internal Medicine internship at Geisinger Medical Center and a Preventive Medicine residency at Loma Linda University. He earned a Master of Public Health in Epidemiology (medical research) from Loma Linda University. Dr. Marc Braman is board-certified in Preventive Medicine and Public Health, and in Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Dr. Braman is recognized as a fellow of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and a fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine for his professional contributions to their respective fields.

Dr. Braman is passionate about making healthcare what it could be and should be. To this end, he spent many years building and developing the American College of Lifestyle Medicine as a national professional association focused on “treating the cause” as the basis of care. This organization continues to grow and has served as the nidus for other professional lifestyle medicine associations all around the world. Dr. Braman continues to be very active in changing healthcare for the benefit of patients (which is the main reason he has limited hours and availability).

While Dr. Braman has spent much of his professional career as a pioneer in developing and establishing the field of lifestyle medicine, his personal practice is Northwest Lifestyle Medicine of Salem, Oregon. At Northwest Lifestyle Medicine, Dr. Braman offers a comprehensive or “wholistic” approach. For example, a treatment plan may include a using food and movement as medicine, natural evidence-based treatment options, as well as prescription medication if truly necessary.

Dr. Braman has been studying this comprehensive approach to health since before medical school. Over the years he has attended a wide spectrum of conferences, workshops, and events to learn the full scope of healthcare options. He truly believes that real and effective healthcare requires consideration of the whole person, including the stresses, people and other facets of one’s life. Dr. Marc Braman cares passionately about his patients, their health freedom, and that they are enabled to live the fullest life possible.

In his spare time, Dr. Braman enjoys hiking, inventing, photography, and exploring tasty and nutritious food. He devotes himself to humanitarian aid and public speaking on wellness and wholeness related topics.

If you are ready for a fresh perspective and to take charge of your health, then contact the office of Dr. Braman at Northwest Lifestyle Medicine in Salem, Oregon. Give us a call today to schedule a visit!

Telemedicine Visits

In addition to office visits, Dr. Braman sees patients in the comfort of their own homes via telemedicine visits.

If you are interested, schedule a virtual visit on our website or through our telemedicine portal today. 


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