Better Healthcare


Better Healthcare

Many call my kind of healthcare “Integrative Medicine” - and in many ways this is appropriate. However, I prefer to call it Lifestyle Medicine or Comprehensive Medicine - for two reasons:

  1. Lifestyle needs to be the foundation of treatment, not “alternative” therapies, and,
  2. All kinds of non-evidence-based hocus-pocus that gets done under the name “Integrative Medicine” and I don’t want my care confused with hocus-pocus or whatever may be considered “hip” at the moment.

We want to use the full spectrum of treatment options, not just parts of the spectrum

My approach to healthcare is best understood using a diagram with 4 tiers or levels of emphasis.


apple-icon-02Scientifically-based more “natural” therapies. 

apple-icon-03Prescription medication.

 apple-icon-04Procedures and relatively dangerous therapies like cancer treatments when truly necessary. I use all of these treatment types as common sense would dictate, including emphasizing the more basic items as much as is appropriate. The other model that describes my care is the holistic care illustration. I don’t treat you like “the bum knee in room 4.” We are each made up of body, mind, spirit, and social components. We cannot effectively deal with the physical aspect without understanding how the other aspects are part of the body issues we are dealing with.

Meet Dr. Braman and Learn About Lifestyle Medicine

Meet Dr. Braman and Learn About Lifestyle Medicine

Telemedicine Visits

In addition to office visits, Dr. Braman sees patients in the comfort of their own homes via telemedicine visits.

If you are interested, schedule a virtual visit on our website or through our telemedicine portal today. 


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