Whole Healthcare Person Model


Common Sense

We all seem to inherently want this kind of approach and know that this is how it should be. We just rarely experience it. I could tell you many stories of people transformed and health restored. I love helping people get better! Physical health is best achieved by the pieces being put together for healing the whole person. This is the path to health and happiness.


This level includes not only surgery but all medical treatments that are “invasive” and/or have a relatively high risk of very serious complications or side effects - like chemotherapy or radiation. These are not inherently evil things. Sometimes it is necessary to do things that are dangerous or very unpleasant to save a life. We need to be thankful for these options while doing all that we can to minimize the problems.

Mental and Emotional

This is our thoughts and emotions, our decisions, who we are. People and situations, the physical input from our body, the spiritual influences (or lack thereof) all influence our thinking and feeling. The choices we then make include things like whether we get out and go for a walk or drive down to McDonald's for a cheeseburger, fries, and milkshake - that determine things like blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


This area gets really interesting since we throw the term “spiritual” around a lot, but what people actually mean by it varies radically. What I have found most useful is to ask what gives meaning and purpose to one’s life. The answers are radically similar. This is all about experiencing “connectedness” - being connected to that which is beautiful and beyond oneself.

People, Places, Things, Situations

“No man is an island.” We all live and act in a context of people and circumstances. Some of us make life happen, while others tend to feel like life happened to them. We do not have a lot of control over what comes our way, but it belongs to us to choose what we will do with - and how we will respond to - the hills and valleys of life. And this is a beautiful gift.

Telemedicine Visits

In addition to office visits, Dr. Braman sees patients in the comfort of their own homes via telemedicine visits.

If you are interested, schedule a virtual visit on our website or through our telemedicine portal today. 


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