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Access professional grade nutritional supplements at a discount. We encourage you to read and follow our guidance below. Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.

Supplement Policy: 

1. LIFESTYLE FIRST. Please use lifestyle as your primary medicine, and minimize supplement use. Supplements should be used only “as needed” as an aid to "treating the cause" with lifestyle.

2. FINANCIAL POLICY. There is some debate in professional circles about the ethics of “selling” supplements by healthcare providers. Much of this stems from reaction to the abusive “selling” done by a small number of providers. The reality is that providers “sell” their services, “sell” immunizations, “sell” medications, “sell” splints, etc, from their office day in and day out. If done professionally, supplements should not be any different. We believe transparency and honesty is the best policy. Here is what we feel best serves those we care for: 

A. It is about what is best for patients. Period. 

B. We choose not to engage in any multi-level marketing (MLM) of products. Please don’t try to get us to. The answer is no. We believe MLM creates very problematic conflicts of interest for healthcare providers. 

C. While it is unethical to push unnecessary supplements on patients to make a lot of money, it is also unethical to leave patients to the mercy of the charlatans and corporate greed of the marketplace without assistance. Nutritional supplements are part of a person’s healthcare and need to be treated as such. Therefore we work to find solutions for our patients to get them connected to reliable, professional grade products we would use for ourselves or our families. 

D. We feel the typical price markup on supplements is too large. Therefore, we provide a basic discount to professional grade products through our website to everyone. Greater discounts may be provided for products specifically prescribed by one of our providers, or to those engaged in one of our services or programs. 

E. We spend a lot of time and energy finding solutions for our patients, including in the realm of supplements. We do seek to stay in the black financially to be able to continue to better serve our patients. We structure our work so that we don’t have financial incentives that misalign with doing what is in the best interest of our patients. We want to make our living doing what we would want experts with our interests at heart to do for us. 

F. Even when people choose to use nutritional products that we may not think they need, we believe they should have access to professional grade products likely to be of the highest quality and that are what the label says they are. It is really hard to help people make informed, intelligent healthcare decisions about supplements they are using when you are not sure they are really getting what the label says they are getting, or are not using products most reflective of ingredients used in current research. 

G. We have no problem with patients choosing to get their products elsewhere. We do want them to have best quality, whatever the source. 

H. We welcome any questions or suggestions. We are here to serve you! 

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