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Fed up with the machine of modern healthcare?

Want real health care that works for you?


We are doing what our patients have been asking for for years — offer our wholistic, high quality health care as primary care — a genuine “health” care home base with people you trust and that actually care about you.  But we are kicking it up a number of notches to be able to deliver ideal health care.


Whole Health Direct Primary Care provides “wholistic”, quality primary care services built around your life — the kind of care we would want, delivered how we would want, if we were patients.

Primary care made easy (like it should be):

  • Built for today’s busy schedules with same day or next day care in office, by video, telephone, text, or email — easy!
  • Affordable — like a gym membership, paid monthly electronically — easy!  (Annual cost less than your average annual insurance deductible.)
  • It’s about you and your health. We have removed all the barriers distracting doctors from focusing on caring for your health — no insurance company distracting us with paperwork or tying our hands from offering a better kind of care in the most convenient manner possible.
  • No confusion, no hassles.  No co-pays, no prior authorizations, no network restrictions, no confusing and delayed medical bills and statements in Medical Geek language, and you don’t need to get out insurance cards or credit cards when you come see us.
  • Deep discounts negotiated for you. We are free to serve you in this purely patient-centered kind of practice…so we do!  CT scans, MRIs, x-rays, blood work, medications, professional grade nutritional supplements, anything and everything we can, we get the best services and products for the best prices we can for you!

PLUS so much more:

  • Whole person, “wholistic” health care — Yes, we do conventional medicine, but we offer a much broader approach with “all options” on the table and a very common sense method of helping you make the best, most informed decisions for you.
  • Support, guidance, curation.  No more being lost in the healthcare woods like Little Red Riding Hood with many Big Bad Wolves on the prowl.  There is SO much confusion out there about fad diets, magic pills and potions, is it real is it not…STOP already!  We are here to make all the confusion and the Big Bad Wolves go away.  You are not alone any more.  We help you find real answers and get on with real living.
  • Staying well, thriving.  Dr. Braman is truly a national expert in Lifestyle Medicine and will be dishing out regular servings of the leading edge of what you need to actually stay well and live your best life — made easy!
  • Community.  This is actually a big deal and something we want your help in shaping and making.  The science shows people are far healthier and happier in community, and if the community has a focus on health.…wow!  No more trying to do health as you alone against the world.  We will figure out how to do health “together” in ways that work for you.
  • It’s about patients!  Dr. Braman is also engaged nationally in making healthcare about patients again and redesigning healthcare.  For those of you interested, we would love to have you help us build this model of ideal primary care as it could and should be everywhere.  So…tell us works best for you!  We are building it together — doctors and patients — like it should be.


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