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Patients suffering from painful arthritis can seek treatment from Dr. Marc Braman at Northwest Lifestyle Medicine in Salem, Oregon.

Arthritis Q&A

Is there a cure for arthritis?

Actually, often, yes. Arthritis is tied to aging, but is not synonymous with aging -- it is not unavoidable. 80- and 90-year-old people in other countries (often poor countries) can be found packing heavy loads up mountains on top of their heads. We think arthritis is a great mystery. Osteoarthritis is really not that mysterious -- it works how most diseases of modern society work. If you treat the body differently than it is designed for, things break down. At Northwest Lifestyle Medicine, we seek to treat the cause to the greatest degree possible and combine that with prescription and non-prescription other options as needed.

Is there more than one kind of arthritis?

Yes. There are two main types of arthritis. Osteoarthritis is the more common or more typical kind. It is very much associated with aging in general. It has become the most costly condition in America, with joint procedures and replacements costing us huge sums of money. Osteoarthritis is basically caused by the same lifestyle factors and processes that cause the #1 killer of heart disease -- sick blood vessels and circulation problems. In the case of arthritis, it is because the joints are starved of the circulation and nutrients and support they need to stay healthy. Rheumatoid arthritis is an immune system problem with the joints being attacked by the immune system. Even here, there is really good scientific evidence that a lifestyle-based approach that is individualized can often produce dramatic benefit, and minimize the need for nasty prescription medications. Additionally, there are other more rare types of arthritis.

What is the best arthritis treatment?

It depends on the kind of arthritis. Here at Northwest Lifestyle Medicine, we start each treatment program with diagnosing the type of arthritis. Then, based on the research for arthritis treatment for a certain type, we can review the best treatment options. Treatment is individualized to a person’s unique physiological, mental, emotional and social issues, and treatment choices. These factors all play a role in treating arthritis using a “wholistic” approach.

What are the most common ways of treating arthritis?

Using the comprehensive lifestyle-based approach, we treat arthritis using multiple methods. All options are on the table: from a solid lifestyle foundation to natural treatment options to prescription medication to surgery. By including ALL options, Dr. Braman at Northwest Lifestyle Medicine is able to create a customized treatment plan for your arthritis and help you overcome arthritis in everyday life.

Where can I receive arthritis treatment in Salem, Oregon?

If you are ready to start treating arthritis here in Salem, Oregon, please contact our office or book an appointment online. At Northwest Lifestyle Medicine we are ready to help you find a comprehensive approach to being in control of your arthritis.