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Marc Braman, MD

Preventive Medicine Specialist located in Salem, OR

Patients living with depression can seek treatment from Dr. Marc Braman at Northwest Lifestyle Medicine in Salem, Oregon.

Depression Q & A

What types of depression are treated at Northwest Lifestyle Medicine?

We treat any type of depression that responds to a comprehensive lifestyle medicine approach. At Northwest Lifestyle Medicine in Salem, Oregon we identify and address the causes of depression to the greatest extent possible. Depression is typically the result of many factors added together, resulting in a “depressed” state.

How does Dr. Braman determine the best types of depression treatment for patients?

Our first choice for the treatment of depression is not always prescription medications, such as antidepressants. Dr. Braman uses the comprehensive care and treatment models to provide an individualized and comprehensive assessment. These models consider ALL treatment options and are based on identifying and correcting causes, not just symptoms endlessly. Whether your personal factors for depression include sleep disorders, “adverse childhood events”, nutritional factors, medical problems, medication side effects, or other issues, we look at your personalized whole lifestyle and health picture. We then look at our options together and you choose what you would like to do to treat your depression.

How can I figure out the causes of depression I’m dealing with?

Helping you find the causes of your depression is what Dr. Braman and the team at Northwest Lifestyle Medicine are here for. It often takes a “deep dive” process to identify causes. There are many factors that contribute to depression. Here at Dr. Braman’s office in Salem, Oregon we will help you not only identify what those causes may be but also figure out how to deal with the causes of depression in your life.

Where can I find help for depression in Salem, Oregon?

At Northwest Lifestyle Medicine, Dr. Braman treats depression in patients of all ages and backgrounds. Call the office or book an online appointment today to schedule your appointment to address your depression symptoms.