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Marc Braman, MD

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Dr. Braman provides medical services and treatments for patients living with heart disease from his practice, Northwest Lifestyle Medicine, in Salem, Oregon.

Heart Disease Q&A

What are the most common heart disease symptoms?

Most people have some degree of the most common form of heart disease (atherosclerosis) and have no symptoms. Of those that do have symptoms, 50% of the time the first symptom is dropping dead of a heart attack. For those fortunate enough to have symptoms before dropping dead, symptoms may include: chest pain, shortness of breath, pain or numbness in your arm, jaw, or neck. Other symptoms might include dizziness, back pain, stomach pain, fainting, etc. If you are concerned that you are or might be suffering from heart disease, give Northwest Lifestyle Medicine a call today.

What are the causes of heart disease?

Lifestyle. It is almost that simple. People in America don’t seem to realize that heart disease is not normal for human beings on planet earth. And yet, that is what the global facts clearly demonstrate. And yet, heart disease is one of the most common causes of death in the United States. One of Dr. Braman’s passions is that patients know their treatment options for heart and vascular disease. There is very good research showing that cardiovascular disease can be “reversed” with an intensive lifestyle program. And yet, patients are not typically provided appropriate “informed consent” regarding their treatment options by the vast majority of physicians. We want you to have ALL your legitimate options available to you. We also do advanced testing to discover what is really going on causing heart disease and heart attacks in people with normal cholesterol and apparently few risk factors.

How does Northwest Lifestyle Medicine approach heart disease treatment methods?

Very simply, “treat the cause” as the foundation, and use any and all appropriate options that make the most sense. Nutrition is huge in heart and vascular disease. What if we helped people live like those people around the planet who never get heart disease? That is what we do. We also apply the science of the studies done that show reversals of even severe heart disease.

Where can I be treated for heart disease in Salem, Oregon?

Now that you understand how comprehensive medicine works for heart disease treatment, it’s time to contact Dr. Braman and his team. Schedule an appointment at Northwest Lifestyle Medicine for heart disease treatment in Salem, Oregon. Our staff is ready to get to the root of why you have heart disease and how we can treat it effectively using a comprehensive approach. You can conquer heart disease! Call us today to start that process.