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Marc Braman, MD

Preventive Medicine Specialist located in Salem, OR

Dr. Marc Braman provides treatment to patients with high blood pressure from his practice, Northwest Lifestyle Medicine, in Salem, Oregon.

High Blood Pressure Q & A

What are the most common high blood pressure symptoms for adults?

You want to know what high blood pressure symptoms to look for so you can predict whether you have high blood pressure. The truth is, for the most part, there aren’t any symptoms of high blood pressure. It’s a silent killer. The best approach is to check your blood pressure periodically. Call us at Northwest Lifestyle Medicine today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Braman to check out your risk for high blood pressure. We offer free blood pressure check times periodically, and can even usually give you a free “check” during business hours if you swing by.

Where do I find out how to lower blood pressure naturally?

That is what we are here for. If you are interested in lowering your blood pressure without using medication or minimizing medication, we can help. Optimal nutrition, regular exercise, and a healthy weight are key. If you want to learn more and understand the complete picture for how to lower your blood pressure without medicine, contact Dr. Braman at Northwest Lifestyle Medicine. We will give you the full scope of treatment options for lowering your blood pressure naturally.

Is high blood pressure a heart condition?

Yes, and no. High blood pressure is a symptom. It is really a condition of blood vessel dysfunction -- basically, your blood vessels are sick. This very much affects the heart as the pumping unit that has to pump the blood through all the blood vessels. The biggest risk of high blood pressure is the increased risk of having a stroke. Another important risk is that it promotes heart disease of several kinds. It can damage one’s kidneys and has many other negative effects. These problems are best prevented by correcting the causes that are making the blood vessels sick (lifestyle). Medications by themselves can help reduce the risk of strokes, but don’t do nearly as much as fixing what is making the body sick.

What is the best treatment for high blood pressure?

“Treat the cause.” If your blood pressure is really high, we would definitely recommend medication to control it until we can get the ship turned around. Almost all who make major lifestyle changes can eventually safely stop using prescription medications and enjoy a normal blood pressure. As part of our comprehensive approach, Dr. Braman will review with you and recommend other scientifically sound natural treatment options as part of the treatment process. If you are steering clear of a medication-heavy treatment for high blood pressure, give us a call to schedule an appointment at Northwest Lifestyle Medicine in Salem, Oregon.