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Marc Braman, MD

Preventive Medicine Specialist located in Salem, OR

Dr. Braman provides a “wholistic” approach to weight loss for his patients from Salem, Oregon at his practice, Northwest Lifestyle Medicine.

Weight Loss Q & A

Are weight loss pills my only option for losing weight?

Weight loss pills are one option for losing weight. Bariatric surgery is another. However, these are far from the only options you have. Here at Northwest Lifestyle Medicine, we want to help you take a more “wholistic” lifestyle approach. Rather than giving you a plethora of diet pills to lead to your weight loss, we want to focus on your lifestyle. We are looking to help you be successful for the long-term, not just during a program. There are many things that produce weight loss -- cancer and chemotherapy included. But we believe in pursuing those methods that are also truly the most healthful and put people in charge of their health. So while weight loss pills are an option, the majority of the patients we see here at Northwest Lifestyle Medicine are looking for healthier alternatives for weight loss.

Do you know how to lose weight fast?

Losing weight fast is a common goal, but it’s not a healthy or good long-term plan. We want you to succeed for the long haul. That’s why we are here at Northwest Lifestyle Medicine. We know about the latest trends, fads, and diet plans that are going around, and we know the best options. We help our patients lose weight as fast as is safe and healthful -- often faster than they think is possible. We have a broad range of partners and collaborators across the whole spectrum of treatment options and can assist you with whatever you choose.

What types of weight loss programs are offered at Northwest Lifestyle Medicine in Salem, Oregon?

You want fast weight loss and we want you to be healthy and happy with yourself. By meeting in the middle for that common goal, Dr. Braman will best be able to serve your weight loss needs. For starters, each weight loss program started by Dr. Braman is on an individual basis. Every person has their own weight loss needs and goals. Dr. Braman looks at each patient on a personal level to see what their individual weight loss problems may be. From there, he develops a treatment plan for your weight loss. And the science shows that we need to create structure, community, and deal with psychosocial factors for many for a successful weight loss journey. So contact us today to schedule your healthy weight loss appointment with Dr. Braman at Northwest Lifestyle Medicine in Salem, Oregon.